About Oriolus Japan

Launched in 2015, Oriolus Japan is a Tokyo-based audio & lifestyle brand with the concept of “至高の音創り” - to stand at the pinnacle of audio fidelity.

Oriolus Japan draws inspiration from a diverse mix of newest technologies as well as vintage gears, embodying the tuning goodness of times past while relentlessly exploring new frontiers. By interweaving uncompromising craftsmanship and years of engineering experience in Hi-Fi manufacturing and tuning, Oriolus Japan creates a wide range of high-quality audio products for a global audience. 

Oriolus Japan aspires to create products that embody the best vibes and elevate the audio experience for audiophiles all over the world.

Oriolus Japan Company Background

Oriolus is supervised under renowned professional audio management company – Hibino Intersound Co., Ltd.

Products under Oriolus are co-engineered by Hibino Intersound Co., Ltd.’s engineering team and renowned hardware engineer  – RAO YOU LIANG, the mastermind behind many well received solutions across different brands and products including HDP-R10.

Achieving utmost purity in sound is Oriolus's only mission. 

Hibino Intersound Corporation