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Oriolus Japan



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Synchronized synergy

Monachaa - the industry's first in-ear earphone to utilize a Quad-driver configuration, integrates a quartet of drivers with a revolutionary cross-over design, which brings about a balanced interplay of rhythm, melody, and harmony.

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Fusion of squared-dynamic, carbon nanotube, inert elements, and titanium driver membranes

The Monachaa incorporates diverse topologies in driver material design. Instead of simply stacking identical driver units, Oriolus challenges the impossible by utilizing four membrane materials with similar response speeds but varying sound characteristics. This approach pushes the boundaries of sonic performance, harmoniously enhancing the low-frequency density, and enriching the level of overtones simultaneously. As a result, it breathtakingly surpasses the limitations of conventional dynamic driver designs and stands out with its unique tone character.

Proprietary micro-dynamic driver soaring up to 28kHz

With a meticulously tuned 1+2+1 configuration, the Monachaa delivers surprising detail retrieval level, precise imaging, and natural tonality. The proprietary drivers featuring Pu+LCP membrane materials and an unusual side-venting structural design, allowing its frequency response to extend from 20Hz to 28kHz, combining accurate micro-detail retrieval with lush mids and thunderous bass.

Selected PWAudio Cables

The Monachaa comes bundled with a high-quality PWAudio cable meticulously tuned to complement its balanced signature. The Monachaa exhibits a high sensitivity to cable and source pairings, making this provided cable an excellent starting point. You can further explore the sound output by experimenting with various sources and aftermarket options to fine-tune your listening experience.

Acoustic chamber design

Just as the opera house is essential to the performance, the housing of an IEM plays a vital role in the tuning design. Recognizing this significance, the Oriolus team has dedicated meticulous effort to design a new housing specifically for the Monachaa. This innovative housing design prioritizes optimizing the fit and incorporates a rational layout that seamlessly complements the acoustic design.

As a result, the Monachaa delivers not only enhanced overall comfort and fit but also provides superior isolation and noise attenuation. This thoughtful engineering ensures a truly immersive and superior listening experience.

Revisiting the Fundamentals

With years of experience in innovating HiFi solutions and portable audio technologies, Oriolus has gained valuable insights from end users. Drawing upon this foundation, Oriolus is dedicated to returning to its original mission and expertise - pushing the boundaries of dynamic driver technologies.

Monachaa signifies a groundbreaking chapter, propelled by Oriolus's profound supply-chain expertise and technological prowess, transcending previous limitations and transforming the unattainable into reality. Leveraging cutting-edge advancements, Monachaa fulfills the aspirations of music enthusiasts seeking unparalleled high-fidelity audio experiences. Moreover, it bestows upon you the ability to immerse yourself in extraordinary auditory sensations, even amidst your travels.

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Model Name

  • Monachaa

Body Material

  • Photopolymer (hand craft)

Transducer Type (per CH)

  • Dynamic Driver*4


  • 111dB/mW

Freq. Response

  • 20Hz~40kHz


  • 240ohm


  • Made by PW Audio (Order made, Copper)

Plug Type

  • 4.4mm Balanced


  • Silicone Eartips(S M L 2-flange-M)
  • Foam Eartips(S M)
  • Cord clip
  • Cleaning tool
  • Protect case (Vannuys)
  • Round twintube (Vannuys)